Shrikant Baheti Project Project Of Vidaya

Project Of Vidaya

Hello, friends! 🚀 Exciting news to share! I am recently working with a promising new startup in Aurangabad called Vidaya.

🏙 Vidaya is a homegrown Aurangabad startup revolutionizing product delivery management. Here’s the scope: Vidaya steps in as the bridge, collecting parcels from agencies or distributors and swiftly delivering them to their loyal dealers. Right now, our focus is squarely on the B2B segment, and things are buzzing!

👨‍💻 My mission at this dynamic startup is to craft a top-notch tech solution, encompassing software, a website 🌐, and a mobile app 📱. Here’s the real kicker: This tech is platform-free! 🌟 It’s a versatile marvel that can run smoothly on any device, be it iOS, Android, or any web browser. We’re all about accessibility!📊 Our software has five major stakeholders:
1️⃣ Admin
2️⃣ Customer Care
3️⃣ Transport Boy (including the dynamic duo: Managers and Employees)
4️⃣ Distributors
5️⃣ Dealers

🌟 Thrilled to report that we’ve successfully launched Version 1 of this tech marvel. It’s a game-changer! We’ve got all the stakeholders on board, empowering them to log in to their accounts. What’s more, we’ve introduced a nifty contact diary management system 📓. Now, Vidaya’s employees can effortlessly add shops to their contact diary on the app. When orders or deliveries roll in, they can simply hop onto the app and locate shops or places using the map feature 🗺. This nifty tool makes their work a breeze, streamlining shop and place discovery.📈 But wait, there’s more! 🌟 This is just the beginning. After successfully delivering Version 1, the company has paid me for my hard work 💰, and I’m gearing up to kick off Version 2. We’ve got exciting plans in the pipeline, with more features and enhancements in store.

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